In business, when you must build, expand or renovate, the timetables are important to affluence. Preserving the quality of our products and services, despite the challenges of the territory, is also important. At Eenou Eeyou Construction, this is what we are committed to keep doing for our clients. Offer a superior service that ensures your satisfaction is in what we believe. Our company has developed in recent years expertise in different fields. With the acquisition of several specialized equipment, we can meet the demand for works of all kinds.






To build First Nations communities through local economic development is a healthy and durable way of approaching the Cree communities of today. The view of our project managing team is to assemble all the actors of the territory, by hiring local subcontractors, labours and retain all the services available. Continuing a legacy of quality projects and creating opportunities within the First Nations communities, the effects of which will be far-reaching and long-lasting. A new Cree working method is to be developed and we planning to go ahead on this opportunity.


The partnerships work so that Eenou Eeyou Construction provides opportunities in communities where local sub-contractors can be a solution and make the projects more viable, by approaching and providing a framework to how we can all work together, we only facilitate the growth of everyone. With our natural dynamism, our next mandate is to train the local members in the future for them to get the right certification and employment opportunities. Like this, we can leave a positive mark and fill this responsibility with pride. Creating a strong and efficient Cree workforce is a priority for our and everyone's success.

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